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Betsy Gomez: A working woman . . . that’s what I always wanted to be. I wanted to be productive, to feel that I contributed to something bigger than myself. I always wanted to play an important part.

I had a deep desire for significance. That’s what I saw in the women around me. I saw a single mom, a lawyer, with multiple jobs. On the other hand, I saw women in church. They were empowered with strong leadership, and they were mostly in charge of everything.

That’s how I took my idea of productivity; that’s what I hoped to be someday. I wanted to finish my professional career, and I also wanted to be fruitful for the kingdom of God. Being a teenager, I taught in Sunday school, and I got my first job when I was still in school.

I even went to work in my school uniform. I grew up that way—with one foot in the office and the other in the church. I completed my marketing degree, and then I got married, and I continued with the same rhythm of work and service in the church.

A couple of years after I started my master’s degree, I got pregnant, and by the time I finished my studies, I was ready to deliver. Then, I stayed at home for several weeks, and I felt that I was drowning in the housework!

I remember that day that I went outside of the home, after weeks of constantly nursing my son at home, and I actually went to a job interview. (Isn’t that crazy?) I needed fresh air; I wanted my life back!

Everything inside of the walls of my home felt so mundane, so ordinary. Nothing was glamorous, and everything was done in the shadows. I thought that the time I invested in my home was a waste. If I could have someone who could do the ordinary—like housekeeping and keeping my children—then I could go for the extraordinary!

I went to the office sooner than I was expected, and I was given more growth opportunities. I felt so proud of myself! But, deep down, I felt that something did not fit. It was confusing. I was young, with a lot of opportunities, but the reality was that, I was forcing my heart to be happy about it.

Sometimes I came to think that the Lord was calling me to step into full-time ministry. Why wasn’t I enjoying that? What was the problem? I loved God; I loved to work; I had great opportunities to rock the marketplace . . . but I wasn’t fulfilled.

I thought I was doing my best as a mom just because I had a nanny that lived with us and took care of my kid in the house. Why was I struggling? I found the answer to my question when the Lord opened my eyes to His Word.

One night, I went online and I Googled True Woman. My husband recommended me to check out that women’s ministry. And, honestly, I thought I was going to find a definition of myself! (laughter) I found the opposite. I was heartbroken. I was in shock!

I started listening to a teaching on Titus 2, and for the first time in my whole Christian life, I could see the connection between the saving faith and the way I was called to live. As I dug deeper, I discovered that God’s priorities for a woman in my stage of life were related to the very thing I neglected the most . . . my home.

I was in total shock when I realized that the result of neglecting God’s priorities for my life was to revile the Holy Word of God. I started reading this passage …