Chapter 1

  • He Is Sovereign
    Lori Hatcher   Topics: God & Truth   Scripture: Jonah 1:3

    If you have a loved one who is running away from the Lord, God knows exactly where that person is. Read More

Chapter 3

  • Fasting to Repent
    Erin Davis   Topics: Missional Living, Womanhood   Scripture: Jonah 3:5

    Fasting is an outward expression of inward heart change. It’s one way we can express that we agree with God on the seriousness of sin. Read More

Chapter 4

  • Inappropriate Anger
    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth   Topics: Fear, Anxiety & Emotions   Scripture: Jonah 4:1

    The only way to get off that kind of spiritual and emotional roller coaster is to yield all my rights to the One who ultimately holds all rights. Read More