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Dress for Success

Claire Black: This is True Girl a podcast for girls and their moms. And dads, it’s been so good to have you this season. Together we’ve been exploring God’s truth about what it means to be a girl. We’ve even talked about boys, and we’ve done it all, one drive at a time. 

Buckle up, you’re about to grow closer to each other and closer to Jesus. As we come to the end of this season, I hope you have a better understanding about what it means to be a girl, and maybe you’re beginning to understand why God created two genders. 

Well, today we’ll go just a bit deeper into that super interesting topic with our host Dannah Gresh. She and her husband Bob coauthored a book called 8 Great Dates for Dads and Daughters. At the end of the podcast, Bob will invite you and your dad to go on one of the dates in that book. 

Let’s get moving for season 2, episode 8, titled “Dressed for Success.” 

Staci Rudolph: Welcome to another dazzling week of Pajama-Rama—the game show you play in your pajamas. 

Dannah Gresh: Ah, Staci . . . I think you’ve got the wrong script or something. That’s from our True Girl live event. We are not on tour. 

Staci: Oops. I was wondering why that sounded so familiar. I mean, we are playing a game show today, just not in our jammies this time. 

Dannah: Thankfully. That did bring back some sweet tour memories though.

Staci: I know right? Hey guys, it’s our last episode of this season. 

Dannah: You’re right, Staci, but it might just be the most fun. 

Staci: Yes, it’s time for a game show. Have you ever heard of the newlywed show? It’s the one where they ask new husbands and wives questions to see how well they know each other. And it gets hilarious fast. Well, today we’re going to be quizzing Bob and Dannah on their love story.

Dannah: Ooo, I’m a little nervous, actually. 

Bob Gresh: Me too, but don’t you mean we’re playing like the “oldie-wed” show? We’ve been together for quite a while now. 

Staci: Then there’s nothing to be nervous about. 

Bob: I’m about to rock this game. 

Dannah: Bob, we aren’t competing with each other. We’re on a team with each other. 

Bob: Then we’re about ready to rock this game. 

Staci: Alright, here are the rules. Before we stepped into the studio, I asked Bob and Dannah a series of questions about their love story. And they wrote their answers down on notecards. Now, it’s time to see just how well they know each other, and their love story. 

If they both answer the question, they get a point. Contestants are you ready?

Dannah: Yes, ma’am.

Bob: Ready to rock. 

Staci: Okay, question number 1, where did you first meet? Be specific, okay, nothing vague.

Dannah: Yes. I wrote down: Mrs. Harner’s English class in college. What’d you write Bob?

Bob: I wrote composition class.

Staci: Ding, ding, ding, ding.

Dannah: Okay, I think we get points.

Bob: Which was Mrs. Harner’s.

Staci: Okay, that is correct. Okay, question 1 down.

Bob: We sat right next to each other. 

Dannah: We had a little writing group. We called ourselves the “misplaced modifiers.” We were English geeks. 

Staci: At least you said it not me. Okay question number 2, what was your first date?

Bob: I wrote down: Little Caesar’s breadsticks and Frostys and zinnias. 

Staci: Classy.

Dannah: I wrote down: breadsticks and Wendy’s Frosty.

Staci: Okay, we’ll give it to you. Two for two. 

Bob: Well, I hope you give it to me, I was exactly right. 

Staci: Okay, question number 3, how did Bob propose? 

Dannah: Ooo, you go first. 

Bob: With a queasy stomach. 

Dannah: It did seem like you might throw up your French fries when we were eating, right before. Is that what you really wrote? Because it’s not what I wrote. He proposed to me right in front of 2,000 people on the night before he graduated from Cedarville University. 

Staci: There it is.

Bob: That’s the longer answer. Gagging is the short answer. 

Staci: How you felt as you did that. Okay.

Dannah: Okay, so I don’t know if we get points for that. 

Staci: I’m going to give it to you, why not? Okay here’s our last question, what is your go-to TV show that you watch together. Go!

Dannah: Right now, it’s The Chosen.

Bob: Good answer. That’s a Jesus answer.

Dannah: That’s not what you wrote down. It’s not what you wrote down.

Bob: I was going to say Wishenpoof. That’s what we end up watching with our granddaughters. 

Dannah: The granddaughters, yeah.

Bob: But the Chosen, what a great answer that was. 

Staci: You guys did well. Okay, you know each other. That was fun. It’s important to know each other, right?

Dannah: Yeah, because today, I’m hoping you girls can see the beautiful way God designed marriage, because it’s a picture of His love for us. 

Staci: That’s right. True love was God’s idea. In the first book of the Bible, it was His idea to create one man and one woman. Then He said they should be joined together in marriage. God’s idea, see?

Dannah: Yup. God’s idea. Well, falling in love and romance are wonderful, in fact there’s a whole book of the Bible centered on a man and a woman who are just head over heels in love with each other. Marriage is about a lot more than just living happily ever after. 

Staci: That’s right. Let’s read the first of today’s power verses. Ephesians 5:31 says, “As the Scriptures say, 

A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.

Dannah: Yeah. Now, the apostle Paul wrote that. It’s recorded in the New Testament, but he was quoting from Genesis, the first book of the Bible, the passage you mentioned a moment ago Staci. But listen, this is interesting. It says that they—one man, one woman—that should add up to two, right? But when God joined them together, they would become one. That is some funky math. 

Staci: Let’s keep reading in our power verse, 

This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one. (v. 32)

Dannah: Yeah. So in one verse, Paul is telling us to remember how God designed marriage to work. One man + one woman = one. But then He says this is super mysterious, but I’m telling you the way that works is the same way our love relationship with Jesus can work. Marriage is a picture of Jesus. 

Jesus loved His Bride, the Church, so much that He died so that He could be close to her. So close to her that we could be like one with Him. He wanted us to be able to be one with Him in heaven forever. 

Staci: And we’re supposed to love Jesus first, before anything or anyone else. That’s why we sometimes call the Church, the Bride of Christ. A husband and a wife in that way can be a picture of the gospel, the love of Jesus for His Bride. 

God is so creative like that; everything just seems to point to Him. 

Dannah: That’s right, He’s intentional. Let’s bring Bob back in to tell us what today’s date is, and maybe he’ll tell us why he’s got all these fancy clothes on. Bob, you're dressed up today. 

Staci: You sure did. 

Bob: Well today’s dad/daughter date is drumroll please . . . a date. 

Staci: Well yeah?

Bob: Well, no, I mean it’s date night. Like get your fancy clothes on and eat a fancy kind of dinner date night. 

Staci: Okay, okay I see what you did there. 

Dannah: Now, this date night doesn’t have many rules other than you should probably wear your favorite nice outfit, and maybe mom can do your hair. But the most important part is you’ll be having your own version of a game show. 

Bob: That’s right. Maybe you can go to a steak house or your favorite restaurant—dads love steak and bacon. But anyway . . .

Dannah: I like bacon. 

Staci: My dad likes fish. 

Bob: You can even stay home and make a really nice home cooked meal, make it fancy and cool. 

Dannah: Whatever a special night looks like to you, that’s what we want you to do. 

Staci: Mom and dad are both invited to this date, so you can play the oldie-wed game with them. We want you to get to know their love story. Now, if your mom and dad can’t both be there for some reason, that’s okay. Your dad still has a lot of wisdom he can tell you about love. You just might need to get creative with how you approach things. 

Bob: Yeah, true girl, you do have a little bit of homework. Mom and dad can help with this, but come up with six or seven questions to ask your parents, so that you can know their love story. If you want, you can use the ones Staci asked us. 

Staci: Now, I would suggest writing them out on notecards. You can take the position as the game show host. Get fun with it, dress up, get crazy. See who gets the most answers correct.

Dannah: Well friends, I’m afraid it’s time to say goodbye. 

Bob: Man, this season has been a lot of fun. I’d love to see how some of these dates turn out. 

Dannah: Yeah, mom, dad, if you have any good stories or pictures, you can share them with us on the True Girl Facebook or Instagram pages.

Staci: I just love seeing the true girls doing these dad/daughter challenges. It just warms my little heart. 

Dannah: Me too. Girls, I hope you remember how loved you are by our Father in heaven. And don’t forget that marriage is a picture of how much Jesus loves His people, the Church. 

Staci: Hey, we found some new ways to say goodbye. Hasta luego.

Bob: Ciao.

Dannah: Sayonara

Staci: Adiós.

Dannah: Shalom.

Bob: Happy trials.

Staci: Toodaloo, true girls.

Dannah: I gotta jet. 

Staci: Until next time, true girl.

Claire: Well, true girls, it’s been a wild ride. Aren’t we so glad our dads could join us this season? To experience more dad/daughter time, check out the book 8 Great Dates for Dads and Daughters by Bob and Dannah Gresh. In that book you’ll get some help planning your fancy dinner date. You can learn more about it at

Remember, it’s possible to understand what God was doing when He designed us male and female. We’ve only just scratched the surface of God’s plan. We hope you’ll keep learning by reading your Bible and talking to your mom and dad. 

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True Girl is produced in partnership with Revive Our Hearts, inviting women of all ages to understand God’s design about being female.

All Scripture is taken from the NLT.


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About the Hosts

Bob and Dannah Gresh

Bob and Dannah Gresh

Bob & Dannah Gresh are nationally recognized as leaders who encourage parents of tweens and teens to utilize a faith-based approach to coach them into healthy relationships. Together they have authored more than five books on the subject of sexuality and overcoming porn and erotica including the best-selling classics And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity and Who Moved the Goalpost: Seven Winning Strategies in the Sexual Integrity Game Plan. Bob is the founder and headmaster of a new model in Christian education, Grace Prep.

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Staci Rudolph

Staci Rudolph

Staci Rudolph is a lead teacher for True Girl. From co-hosting online Bible studies like "Habakkuk: Walking By Faith Through Difficult Days" to facilitating biblical discussion of teen topics on the True You videocast, Staci is passionate about encouraging tweens, teens, and women of all ages to walk in God’s Truth.