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Learning to Follow

“I believe that the greatest cry among Christian women today is the hesitancy of men to be leaders.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: A friend of mine wrote me about what it was like when she was a young wife learning to submit to her husband, who didn’t appear to be a natural leader.

“This was my greatest struggle as a young wife. I wanted my husband to lead, but he was content to let me take the lead.”

Nancy: She waited and chose not to jump into the leadership void.

“As I committed myself to wait on the Lord, I saw him begin to lead me in surprising and powerful ways.”

Nancy: Are you leaving enough room for your husband to learn to lead?

“Perhaps the greater challenge in our marriage was for the Lord to humble me so that Dave could become the man that God had always designed him to be."

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.


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