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A Warning

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: A woman once wrote our ministry about the way she responded to her husband’s selfishness. She had been quick to express her disappointment over the fact the he wasn’t living up to what she felt a godly husband should be.

“I withdrew from him emotionally. I wish I had completely trusted God and treated my husband with honor and respect. I wish I had been the one to give him those things. Maybe then he would not have left and found another woman who would give him those things.”

Nancy: It was sin for this husband to leave his wife. She can’t take responsibility for his actions. But she is taking responsibility for her choices, for making it easier for him to make wrong choices.

You can’t force your husband to change, but you can choose to trust God and to follow His plan by giving respect to your husband no matter what. Take it from a woman who wishes she had.

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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