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God at the Polls - part 2

Topics: Revival

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Imagine God going into a polling booth on election day. Instead of voting for a public official, God is looking for a candidate for revival. Would He vote for you? Consider these important issues:

How is your record on homeland security?

  • Have you set up necessary guardrails to avoid temptation?
  • Are you actively screening what comes into your home via the Internet and television?

What about foreign affairs?

  • Have you been active in communicating truth in order to reconcile people to the Lord?
  • Do you befriend and keep open dialogue with those who are unsaved in hopes they might become a part of God’s kingdom?

What’s your record on education?

  • Have you spent adequate time learning God’s Word?
  • Are you intentional about equipping yourself for His service?

We have tough standards for someone running for the highest office in our land. Are you asking God to help you follow biblical standards as a candidate for revival?

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.


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