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God at the Polls - part 1

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: During this election season, imagine something with me. What if God entered a polling booth, looking for a candidate for revival? What if He used the same criteria we consider in choosing a candidate—trustworthiness, faithfulness, and credibility? Would God vote for you?

Consider some of the issues:

How are you in the war on evil?

  • Would God say you’ve waged an effective war against darkness in the world?
  • Are you using divine weapons of prayer and Scripture to wage war against the enemy of your soul?

How about health care?

  • Are you attending to your spiritual health?
  • Are you exercising spiritually and growing in your hunger to know God?

When it comes to employment, would you say you’re active in God’s service, seeking opportunities to serve and reach others with His love?

Thinking through issues and voting as a citizen is an important privilege and responsibility. Thinking through issues as a citizen of the kingdom of God is even more important.

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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