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Where Do You Turn When You're Afraid?

Leslie Basham: Yesterday, Nancy Leigh DeMoss began a series called . . .

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: “The ABCs of Handling a Meltdown.” 

Leslie: Yesterday she shared about a meltdown that affected her.

Nancy: I didn’t tell you this part. When I got back to my house after the Sunday when I couldn’t stay in the church service and I was crying for no big explainable reason, I got home that day, and there’s a family living in my home, a real sweet couple who serve in our ministry and two little children.

I said to the husband when I came in (they’re in their twenties), “I really feel sorry for you. You’re living in a house here with a fifteen-month old daughter, a post-partum wife, and a menopausal woman who is crying all the time, basically.” It must take a lot to live in that kind of household. A.J. …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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