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When I'm Perfect, Then I'll Nag

Woman: “I want to thank you for your work. It is not in vain, and the Lord is using it to bear fruit here in Ottawa, Canada.

Leslie Basham: Revive Our Hearts believes in supporting local churches. So we were so happy to hear from a women’s ministry leader in Canada. Her leadership team all watched the livestream of the Revive '17 conference, hosted by Revive Our Hearts. Then they started reading the book Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.


As a woman in ministry—a counselor, church plant pastor’s wife and mom—Adorned is challenging me to live vulnerably yet wisely with God’s grace on my lips. To live a life that points in all things, including my failures, to the grace and mercy of the One whom we declare and know as Lord! Thank you for pouring yourselves out. Those of you doing the behind the scenes work—thank …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has touched the lives of millions of women through two nationally syndicated radio programs heard each day—Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him. Her books have sold more than five million copies. Through her writing, podcasts, … read more …

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