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What Difference Does it Make?

Leslie Basham: Kari Windon attended the True Woman conference earlier this year. She describes why she appreciated the teaching at the conference.

Kari Windon: We don’t have an identity, and we’re hungering for one because all of the things that the world has offered us have turned to sand, and we’re looking for bedrock. We need something to stand on that is unchanging, that will bring us genuine fulfillment.

The teaching that I’ve been able to glean from the True Woman speakers and the Scripture that is involved and the whole dynamic of True Woman is that there is bedrock, and it’s Christ, and in it is an identity that you can find, that I can find, that has meaning and purpose.

I will not get to the end of my life and wish that I had worked more. I won’t get to the end of my life and wish …

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