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Leslie Basham: Here's author and speaker, Mary Kassian.

Mary Kassian: Ladies, our relationship with our Lord needs to make a difference in the way that we relate to men. The behavior of women who profess to worship God is different than the behavior of women who do not. If we profess to worship God, we welcome His spotlight on our lives. We say, “Lord, shine it. Show me where I’m wrong. And in Your love and grace and mercy, correct me and give me the strength and the guts to make it right.”

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Wednesday, July 17.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: In the book of Proverbs we find a contrast between two kinds of women—the wise woman and the foolish woman. This week on Revive Our Hearts we’ve been listening to a message by my good friend, author, and speaker, Mary …

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