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True Women Come Together

Leslie Basham: What is a true woman?

Woman on the street #1: Oh man, that is the ultimate question.

Leslie Basham: Paula Hendricks explored that question with some women on their lunch hour. Paula’s a blogger on

Paula Hendricks: What do you think true womanhood is?

Woman on the street #1: Doing what you want, and not being asked where I’m goin’ and when I’m coming back because when I get there I get there. Point blank.

Paula Hendricks: So being in control?

Woman on the street #1: Yeah. Right. Exactly.

Leslie Basham: It’s an important question, and tough for most people to answer on the spot.

Woman on the street #2: That’s a really good question.

Leslie Basham: And we appreciate those who were willing to share their thoughts.

Paula Hendricks: What do you think a true woman is?

Woman on the street #3: A woman who has …

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