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The Rewards of a Parent's Sacrifice

(Special note: Today Candice Watters will be LIVE blogging on our comment blog below if you have any questions or comments.)


Leslie Basham: Is it possible for a couple to continue life as usual while adding a baby into the mix? Here's Candice Watters.

 Candice Watters: There is an element to having children that just takes you so completely off your plan. Kids will only fit in so much. They require you to look at them and say, "If we're going to be biblical about this, there's at least a season of life where they're going to have to be a priority."

 Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Wednesday, November 10.

 Nancy Leigh DeMoss: We've been having a fascinating discussion over the past few days with Steve and Candice Watters about a book that I hope many of our listeners are …

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