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Leslie Basham: Here’s Nancy Leigh DeMoss with an amazing thought.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: The fact is: I don’t have to sin if I’m a child of God. Now, it’s not saying I won’t. But the fact is: I don’t have to. The lost person can’t do anything but sin, but the child of God does not have to sin. He’s been set free.

Leslie: You’re listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Tuesday, November 20.

Temptation is always pulling at you, but does that mean you have to give in? Nancy Leigh DeMoss says no, you don’t have to because of the Holy Spirit. It sounds amazing, and Nancy will help us understand more.

Nancy: We’ve been talking this week about the ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit of God, and as we said yesterday, we need to get to know the Holy Spirit. …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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