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Leslie Basham: Here's Lorna Wilkinson.

Lorna Wilkinson: My husband woke me up. It was about 4:00 am in the morning. He said, "Lorna, I want to tell you right now that a man should love his wife with all his heart as God has loved us." And he said, "I want to tell you at this moment that I love you that way." Those were the very last words spoken from my husband.

Leslie Basham: It is Tuesday, April 19th, and you are listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Yesterday, Lorna Wilkinson started to tell us her story. She was in the process of divorcing her husband who was an alcoholic. She needed a car since they couldn't share anymore, and the used vehicle she bought had a radio that was tuned to a Christian radio station.

She heard the gospel, and her life was changed. One …

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