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Suffering: An Avenue for Grace

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: My friend Sarah Walton and her family suffered a series of trials over a period of years—more than a decade, in fact. There were chronic health challenges, job difficulties, and parenting problems.

All of it combined affected Sarah’s emotions, at times in some serious ways.

Sarah Walton: It just started to feel like, “What is there to enjoy in life? Lord, You’ve taken it all! I mean, how am I supposed to walk through life and have what You call ‘joy’ if you’ve taken everything I enjoy?” I was struggling to grapple with those things.

Nancy: But now, a little further down the road, Sarah’s perspective has changed.

Sarah: This is the road God has chosen for me. He’s called me to walk it, and He promises to give me the grace and strength to walk down it—not because I’m strong enough, but because my weakness makes …

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