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Straight Talk to Teens

Daughter: “Hi, Mom. I’m going over to Betsy’s.”

Mom: “Well, shouldn’t you at least get dressed?”

Daughter: “Huh?”

Mom: “Dressed—you know, clothes you wear in public.”

Daughter: “I’m there, Mom; I’m wearing this.”

Mom: “Honey, those clothes haven’t even been ironed. Now, wait a minute, those are your brother’s pants. Honey, they are way too big for you.”

Daughter: “Mom, it’s the edge. This is what me and my friends wear; it’s cool.”

Mom: “It’s, it’s grungy-looking.”

Daughter: “Uh-huh.”

Mom: “Uh-huh?”

Daughter: “It’s grunge.”

Mom: “No, no, no, I said it’s grungy, you know, grungy.”

Daughter: “Yeah; cool, huh?”

Mom: “No, Honey, I meant dirty looking.”

Daughter: “Well, I meant grunge, you know, like Seattle and rock climbing and espresso and music and . . .”

Mom: “Well, I meant grungy like unkempt and messy and like you just got out of bed.”

Daughter: “Right.”

Mom: “What do you mean?” …

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