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Song of Solomon, Day 24

Leslie Basham: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth remembers getting some important guidance.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: I’m so thankful for parents in my life who had the courage to say “no” at times; to have a dad who would say, when I came down for my senior recital, “No, on that dress.” 

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth for Thursday, March 24, 2016.

For several weeks we have been studying the Song of Solomon. The series is called, “How to Fall and Stay in Love with Jesus.” Here’s Nancy to continue.

Nancy: Well, we come today to a passage in the Song of Solomon that I think is perhaps the Old Testament version of that great New Testament love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. There are a lot of similarities. I’m referring to a passage in chapter 8, verses 6 and 7, where the bride says to her beloved: (We …

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