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Leslie Basham: How old were you when you heard about the birds and the bees? Josh McDowell says today’s children are probably going to need that talk a lot sooner.

Josh McDowell: We cannot raise our children the way our parents raised us—not in the light of the Internet. You can’t do it.

Leslie: So how do you raise children in a world full of easy access to temptation? Josh McDowell will talk about it today on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Tuesday, September 3.

Many of our listeners will be familiar with Josh McDowell, author of over 100 books, including several books on teaching teenagers the value of purity. Josh has helped teens as they’ve faced temptation over the years, and he’s seen how the battle for purity has changed. Today, he’ll help parents understand how to raise children in a plugged-in, socially-connected world.

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