• 4 January ‘21 – 8 January ‘21

Revive Our HeartsOf Wise Men, Kings, and Providence

Most nativity scenes show the shepherds and the wise men worshipping baby Jesus at the manger. Who were the wise men, and were they really there the night Jesus was born? More important, what lessons can we learn from the story of these mysterious visitors and their interactions with two very different kings? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth addresses these intriguing questions and more.

Episodes in this season

Who Were the Magi?

Nancy will explain about Epiphany and the visit of the wise men to Baby Jesus. And she’ll share what that has to do with you and me. View More →

Three Responses, Two Kings

How many wise men came to visit Baby Jesus in the manger? That’s a trick question! How about this one: in the story of the wise men, how many kings are there? View More →

The Star

As mysterious as the wise men, they knew He was born because God showed them a very special light. A star. View More →

The Sorrow

The story of the wise men coming to visit Jesus has a murderous, heart-wrenching ending. Well, it’s almost the end. Hear why we can have hope. View More →