• 3 February ‘20 – 7 February ‘20

Revive Our HeartsWho Needs the Church?

More and more Christians are staying home on Sunday mornings. Does that really matter? Nancy addresses what God has to say about the church and what that means for every believer.

Episodes in this season

Body, Family, Building, Bride

Paul says that a marriage is a mystery that represents Christ and the Church. That tells us two things: marriage is important and the Church is important. View More →

An Organism

Our culture divides people based on age, income, social status and race. But when the church is functioning like it should, all those barriers get erased. View More →

One Another

You’ve probably heard many people say, “I believe in God but not in the church.” What do you think? Do you really need the church? View More →

Plugging In

When you’re looking for a new church, you should ask yourself, “Would they be willing to kick me out?” View More →

Gloriously Important

The problems of this world are so big and our contributions are so small. Do you ever feel discouraged? Nancy tells us what God can do with our contributions. View More →