• 1 June ‘20 – 4 June ‘20

Revive Our HeartsWhen You Love a Prodigal, with Judy Douglass

When you love a prodigal, you learn a lot about God’s love and you learn a lot about yourself. Judy Douglass understands that on a personal level.

Episodes in this season

God’s Huge Vat

If you find it difficult to love a prodigal son or daughter, you’ll identify with Judy Douglass. That was her experience, too. View More →

Blessing Instead of Cursing

June 2 is Worldwide Prodigal Prayer Day. Join guest Judy Douglass, the founder of this day, as she explains what it’s all about, and how you can get involved. View More →

When You Love a Prodigal

If you’ve ever received a call in the middle of the night and wondered whether it was going to be the police or bad news, you probably have loved a prodigal. View More →

Gifts in the Wilderness

Praying on behalf of her wayward son was one of the most difficult things Judy's ever gone through—but had some beautiful gifts along the way. View More →