• 3 October ‘11 – 12 October ‘11

Revive Our HeartsWhen Men Don't Lead: A Look at the Life of Deborah

What are women to do when men are reluctant to lead? The biblical story of Deborah from the Book of Judges gives us a model to follow. You’ll be encouraged by this story of a woman who exerted strong influence in a way that encouraged the men around her to be what God called them to be. This series is sure to spark discussion, as Nancy addresses the modern day feminist movement and calls women to a radically different way of thinking and living.

Episodes in this season

Prone to Wander

Sometimes it’s hard to notice how prone we are to wander. But when we recognize our sin, there is hope. View More →

Whatever it Takes

When someone we love is suffering, we want to step in and stop the pain. But if God is using suffering to draw a lost soul to Himself, we need to let God work. View More →

A New Women's Movement

Almost nothing is accomplished without leadership. God usually gives those roles to men. But what if they don't take those role? View More →

Don't Sit Out the Battle

Imagine Olympic athletes who have spent years in training. Then when they get to the event, they decide not to compete. Sometimes we do things like this. View More →

The Tent Peg

In the middle of what you might think are everyday boring tasks, God may have a special appointment for you. Are you ready? View More →