• 5 February ‘18 – 9 February ‘18

Revive Our HeartsThe Truth That Sets Young Women Free with Dannah Gresh

A young woman today hears countless messages with conflicting messages about her relationships, her identity, her value, and her future. Each young woman needs to know the truth she can stand on. Dannah Gresh and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth will help moms of young women discover the truth that will set them free. 

Episodes in this season

The Truth About Media Use

Parents used to pay attention to network TV and the radio, which gave them a pretty good grasp of their kids’ use of media—but so much has changed. View More →

The Truth About Sexuality

The choices young women make about dating could have a huge effect on the rest of their lives. Dannah and Nancy help moms and teens navigate pitfalls. View More →