• 21 July ‘21 – 22 July ‘21

Revive Our HeartsTruth to Counter Depression, with Drs. David and Shona Murray

You and I are being lied to—lied to by the devil, by the world system, and even by our own sinful hearts. And when we believe those lies, it can lead us down the path to depression and anxiety. Drs. David and Shona Murray point us to the truth of the Word of God for battling those lies.

Episodes in this season

Truth for Depressed Women

When it comes to facing issues like anxiety and depression, you’re not alone. Dr. Shona Murray explains how we can combat these challenges. View More →

Constant Gospel Warfare

Issues like anxiety and depression are often fueled by lies we believe about ourselves. In order to combat the lie, you need to replace it with truth. View More →