• 9 February ‘09 – 13 February ‘09

Revive Our HeartsTransformed Women, with Vicki Rose

Vicki Rose was grasping for what she thought was a successful life: moving up the corporate ladder, and marrying a restaurant and bar owner. Life began to unravel when her husband became addicted to cocaine, had an affair, and left her with their children. Join Nancy and hear about God’s beautiful plan for her life.

Episodes in this season


If sin controls one area of your life, it’ll spread to other areas as well. That’s what Vicki Rose discovered. View More →

The Transformation

Vicki Rose was a single working mom, exhausted and lonely. When she got an invitation to a black tie dinner, she jumped at the chance to dress up. View More →

I Checked the Box

Vicki Rose was a new believer in Christ when a church-based counselor told her, "You need to get on with your life and divorce your husband. View More →

Seek the Lord First

Vicki Rose prayed night after night for her husband to come to know Christ. He finally did, but he was still immature. View More →

The Restoration

Vicki Rose’s husband was unfaithful, and he was addicted to cocaine. Is forgiveness possible in a situation like that? View More →