• 26 January ‘04 – 4 February ‘04

Revive Our HeartsTransformed Women: Meet Marcia

Nancy welcomes guest Marcia Arnel, who shares a painful story of growing up in a home where drugs, violoence, and abuse were a part of everyday life. A story of grace, life, and hope, Marcia tells of God's redeeming love that rescued her and transformed her into a new creation.

Episodes in this season

Trying to End It

Today on Revive Our Hearts, we'll hear more from Marcia Arnel about her difficult childhood and learn that God was preparing to intervene. View More →

One of Us Is Gonna Die

After years of abuse, how did God bring truth to Marcia Arnel? Don't miss this part of Marcia's story on today's Revive Our Hearts. View More →


Marcia Arnel believed lies about herself. Learn how she came to find the truth on today's Revive Our Hearts. View More →