• 4 December ‘23 – 8 December ‘23

Revive Our HeartsThriving In Every Season (Psalm 92)

When Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth turned sixty-five years old, she began memorizing and meditating on Psalm 92. Find out what God has to say about thriving, no matter what your age.

Episodes in this season

Consumed with Joy in the Lord

When something “consumes” you, all your thoughts are focused on that one thing. How long has it been since you were consumed with the with the works of God. View More →

God Is on His Throne

When are you most tempted to doubt that God is on His throne? Nancy turns our attention to Psalm 92 to help us fight our fears and doubts. View More →

How to Flourish

Where are you planted? I’m not talking about where you live. Are you growing, not taller, but more godly? Are you thriving spiritually? View More →