• 12 August ‘09 – 25 August ‘09

Revive Our HeartsThe Way of Wisdom

Wisdom—the Bible says it is more precious than rubies, but how do you attain it? Nancy takes us through the Book of Proverbs to discover the practical benefits of wisdom and how we can find it.

Episodes in this season

Wisdom for Parents

What are you desperate for? What are you willing to do just about anything to get? Nancy will address these questions. View More →

True Wisdom

The Proverbs is a book of Hebrew poetry, and, as such, it’s chock-full of comparisons and contrasts. View More →

A Humble Beginning

You’ll often encounter two opposing ideas about wisdom—the world’s and God’s. But the world’s definition is far different than God’s definition. View More →

Where to Find Wisdom

Wisdom, as God defines it, has a lot less to do with the kind of degree you have from school and a lot more to do with what’s most important. View More →

Wisdom Illustrated

We all know in our heads that it’s wise to follow God’s ways. But sometimes that can be easy to say and hard to do. View More →