• 8 June ‘20 – 16 June ‘20

Revive Our HeartsThe Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Psalm 23 is often quoted at funerals. But as Nancy teaches in this series, it's really a psalm about living, not dying. Through a verse by verse study, Nancy points us to Christ as the great Shepherd who provides for our every need and gives us great hope for tomorrow.

Episodes in this season

Six Powerful Verses

If you were asked to recite Psalm 23 right now, there’s a good chance that you’d be able to do it. But you might not be living according to it. View More →

He Restores

There are few things heavier than guilt. If you feel weighed down by your past, find out how to let those burdens go. View More →

I Will Not Fear

What brings you comfort? A warm blanket? Conversation with a friend? Chocolate? How about a rod and a staff? View More →