• 5 December ‘07 – 28 December ‘07

The King's Dedication: Simeon and Anna Welcome Christ

Shepherds and wise men get a lot of attention during the Christmas season, but there are some important characters in the Christmas story who are often overlooked. View the events of the first Christmas in a fresh, meaningful way through the eyes of these unsung heroes.

Episodes in this season

A Legacy of Dedication

At some point, all parents need to hand control of their children over to God. But that doesn’t mean they don’t continue loving and training them. View More →

Longing Fulfilled

If you’ve spent any time around children, you know that waiting can be hard for them. But let's be honest: it can be hard for you and me, to View More →

Moved by the Spirit

The Christmas spirit. Is there really such a thing? Maybe not. But the Holy Spirit was fully involved in the Christmas story. Explore His ro View More →

A Christmas Psalm

What’s your favorite Christmas song? Nancy will tell you about one of the first Christmas songs. It was written while Jesus was still a baby. View More →

The Sign and the Sword

People say strange things to new moms, such as "Just wait until they’re teenagers! Then you’ll be sorry." As a new mom, Mary heard something odd. View More →

The Gracious Woman

Our culture worships youth, putting on the pressure to look and act young. But a character in the Christmas story provides a refreshing alternative. View More →