• 2 August ‘04 – 13 August ‘04

Surrender: Facing Our Fears

Have you ever been afraid that if you surrendered everything to God—your family, your possessions, your career plans, your future—He might take you up on it? Nancy shares how the promises of God free us to step out in faith and surrender. Featured in this series is a portion of an interview Nancy did with Dr. Bill Bright shortly before he went home to be with the Lord.

Episodes in this season

God's Promises

Nancy talks about one our greatest fears today: fear that if we let go--if we relinquish control--that everything is going to fall apart. View More →

True Happiness

Where do you find your greatest pleasure? Nancy talks about living a life of blessing, a life of joy even in moments of sorrow. View More →


Can we trust God for our safety, for the safety of our loved ones? View More →

Trust or Tyranny?

Nancy tells us that we have the option to trust God or not but refusing to relinquish control has some frightening consequences. View More →

A Throne or a Cross

Do you find it difficult to keep trusting God during times of loss and disappointment? Nancy encourages us to relinquish control and surrender. View More →

Signing the Contract

Nancy speaks with guests, Bill and Vonette Bright about surrender. Listen to the words of a couple who have lived as "slaves for Christ." View More →

The Results of Surrender

Join us as Nancy speaks again to Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright about living life surrendered to Christ. Hear about the adventure and blessing. View More →