• 20 June ‘12 – 22 June ‘12

Revive Our HeartsSpoken Like a True Woman, with Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall explains why her work in broadcasting and public policy remains a lower priority in life than her role as a wife and mother. Be encouraged to fulfill the most important roles God has for you as a woman.

Episodes in this season

No Greater Ministry

Talk show host Janet Parshall went through a time of searching in her life. Would she place a higher value on a career or on motherhood? View More →

Comfort or Character?

If you had to flee your home, what would you take with you? Janet Parshall says that question can help you put some priorities in order. View More →

The Divine Fingerprint

What does a submissive woman look like? Join in as Janet Parshall joins Nancy, and you may just conclude that a submissive woman is influential. View More →