• 12 November ‘07 – 16 November ‘07

Revive Our HeartsSeeking Him (week 10)—Sexual Purity: The Joy of Moral Freedom

Few sins seem as hurtful or as unforgiveable as sexual impurity, yet God offers freedom to those ensnared by it. Whether you struggle to maintain purity or to regain it, God can help you in the midst of temptation.

Episodes in this season

Lighting a Dark World

We see blatant sin gaining more and more acceptance. Do you ever wish you could go back to what seems to be an easier time? View More →

Practical Steps to Purity

Jesus said, "If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off." In an age of cell phones, IM, and My Space, that may mean unplugging from some of these things. View More →

Small Choices, Big Results

Here’s the scene: A young woman found herself alone with a handsome captain on his ship. The sun was shining; the waves were gently lapping . . . View More →

Restoring Intimacy

How much detail should you offer your spouse when confessing sin? What if they’ll be deeply hurt? Should you try to protect them? View More →