• 10 September ‘07 – 14 September ‘07

Revive Our HeartsSeeking Him (week 1)—Revival: Who Needs It?

If you lost your purse in a busy mall, you would search everywhere for it. Your relationship with God is far more valuable than your purse. Are you seeking Him with intensity? Discover the joys and benefits of seeking God out of desperation, in the series Seeking Him—Revival: Who Needs It?

Episodes in this season

Why Seek Him?

Six years ago the attacks of 9/11 inspired many people to earnestly pray. Nancy teaches on the importance of praying earnestly all the time. View More →

Will He Be Found?

Talent is important, but it isn’t enough on its own when it comes to success. Heart and enthusiasm are also indispensable. View More →

Can These Bones Live?

A farmer can’t just toss seeds on the ground and hope for the best. He has to prepare the soil, turn it over, and break up the hard places. View More →

Praying for Revival

Does praying for revival sound a bit cliché or boring to you? Today, Nancy reveals just how exciting that endeavor can actually be. View More →