• 15 October ‘07 – 19 October ‘07

Revive Our HeartsSeeking Him (week 6)—Holiness: A Heart Like His

As children of God, we are to reflect His character. Yet how good of a job are we doing? Compare your heart with His and seek after holiness.

Episodes in this season

A Powerful Witness

Confronting someone about their sin is very hard. No one wants to come across as judgmental or unloving. But is there an appropriate time to confront. View More →

Holiness in the Church

The new buzzword in churches is "relevant." It seems like everybody wants their music and presentation to be relevant to an unchurched audience. View More →

Growing in Holiness

Getting on an exercise program or reading a book on effectiveness—-all these things can be helpful. But have you ever thought about growing in holiness? View More →

Far from Sin

You’ll face temptation today; you can’t always avoid it. But you can put some guardrails in place to help you say no. View More →

Revival and Holiness

When’s the last time you prayed that our nation would grow in holiness? If it’s been awhile, pray with a special group of people. View More →