• 5 November ‘07 – 9 November ‘07

Revive Our HeartsSeeking Him (week 9)—Forgiveness: Setting Your Captives Free

What happens when someone else’s mistakes tears our lives apart? Nancy guides listeners to forgive, no matter how painful it may be. She reminds us that God tells us to forgive just as He has forgiven us.

Episodes in this season

The Power to Forgive

When you get hurt deeply, it’s natural to carry the hurt around for a long time. But it’s supernatural to forgive. View More →

Confront or Overlook?

Sometimes it’s appropriate to confront someone who’s hurt us. Other times it’s right to just overlook the fault. Discover what the difference. View More →

How Do I Forgive?

The Bible is full of commands to forgive, but truthfully--it sometimes seems impossible. Nancy will tell you how to take steps of forgiveness. View More →

The Process of Healing

A lot of people assume they have to heal from emotional pain before they can forgive. What if that thinking is backwards? Explore this idea. View More →