• 20 June ‘16 – 21 June ‘16

Revive Our HeartsSatisfied with God: The Life of George Mueller

Nancy talks with several guests about George Mueller—a giant of the Christian faith. He is best known for his work of housing and feeding thousands of orphans, without ever asking anyone other than God for resources. You'll be encouraged and challenged by the life of this extraordinary man of faith and prayer.

Episodes in this season

A Life of Trust

Can you imagine telling your employer, "I don’t need a salary any more—I’m just trusting the Lord?" View More →

The Primary Object

If you’re struggling to feed your family and meet their needs—you’re not alone! Nancy tells the story of George Mueller. View More →

A Life of Faith

George Mueller meant it literally when he prayed, "Give us our daily bread!" In his lifetime he took care of 10,000 orphans. View More →

Joy in God

Nancy Leigh DeMoss tells the story of a man who helped thousands of children. A hero of the faith to be sure--George Mueller. View More →

George Mueller, Day 1

Imagine telling your boss that you don’t need a salary—not because you received a big inheritance but that you just decided to trust God to meet your needs. View More →

George Mueller, Day 2

One of the great heroes of the faith served over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime. But he wasn’t motivated by guilt or duty. He acted out of joy. View More →