• 6 April ‘20 – 10 April ‘20

Revive Our HeartsOvercoming the Curse of Words

Whether hurtful words are said intentionally or in jest, damage can be severe. Nancy talks about how to overcome the curse of words and break free from their power.

Episodes in this season

More Powerful Than Words

Words are powerful. I’ll bet you can remember times when others spoke cruel words to you. They can affect our lives for years. But there is a way to be free. View More →

Living in the Truth

Think of your words like money. You receive words of blessing from God, and that enables you to give words of blessing to others. View More →

Common Cursing

Do you ever curse other people? Are you sure? Discover more about this and gain a deeper appreciation for the power of words. View More →

Bless Those That Curse

Words just bubble out of some people. Sometimes that can get you into trouble. But when it comes to expressing love, it’s a great quality. View More →

Speaking Life

Some people are like brown and shriveled plants. Our words can be like water and nutrients that help them grow and blossom. View More →