• 28 August ‘15 – 4 September ‘15

Revive Our HeartsOut of a Far Country, with Christopher & Angela Yuan

Soon after Angela Yuan’s son, Christopher, embraced a gay lifestyle, she began to pray.  She continued to cry out on his behalf when he was expelled from college, began selling drugs, and was sentenced to prison. Be encouraged by a mom who never gave up praying for a lost son.  

Episodes in this season

Loving a Prodigal

Angela Yuan boarded a train, ready to say goodbye to her estranged son and then take her own life. She ended that train ride with a new passion for life. View More →

Praying for a Rebellious Child

Angela Yuan’s son was a drug dealer who was active in the homosexual community. So she began to pray—year after year. Be encouraged to pray for prodigals. View More →

Holy Sexuality

After spending years in a gay lifestyle, Christopher Yuan became convinced that God was calling him to make a change and embrace “holy sexuality.” View More →