• 3 August ‘15 – 11 August ‘15

Revive Our HeartsNoah and the Flood: The Gospel in the Old Testament

Noah's Ark—it's a story almost everyone knows, and it's popular today in the form of nursery decorations, children's toys, and collectibles. But it's far more than just a sweet story, as Nancy points out. You’ll hear a powerful portrayal of the gospel in the fresh retelling of a familiar story.

Episodes in this season

A Glimmer of Hope

Maybe you've been hearing the story of Noah and the ark all your life. Get a fresh perspective—one that points you to the cross. View More →

Are There Giants in Your Land?

Terrorists. Crooked executives. Dictators. Sometimes it seems like the world is overwhelmed by evil men. But these are just men. They have no power against God. View More →

A Better World?

We are living in a time of incredible advances in technology. But does that really make a better world? An ancient story will give us perspective. View More →

God's Patience

Do you ever get impatient with your kids? Just think of how patient God must be. He’s in charge of everybody on the whole planet. View More →

Faithful Under Pressure

Have you ever worked on a project that seemed to go on forever? It’s so hard to keep working when it seems like there’s no end in sight. View More →

Have You Entered the Ark?

Doubt can be pretty convenient. If someone wants to live for himself and disobey God, he’ll probably ignore the evidence that points to God's salvation. View More →