• 7 July ‘03 – 16 July ‘03

Revive Our HeartsNo Place To Cry

As a child, Doris Van Stone was rejected by her mother, sent to live in an orphanage, and then abused by the cruel orphanage director and foster parents. Her story is a powerful reminder that God's love, forgiveness, and grace are greater than human hurt and sorrow.

Episodes in this season

An Encounter With God

Do you wonder if something you said or did for God made any difference in the life of someone else? If you have wondered that, don't miss today's program. View More →

The House of Meanness

Today on Revive Our Hearts, we go with Dorie to her first foster home. Listen as she tells us what it felt like to be forbidden to eat with the family. View More →

A Safe Place

Dorie found that a "safe place" was in the garbarge, because nobody looks for you in the garbage. She learned that God is her "safe place." View More →

A Process of Healing

Today on Revive Our Hearts, Dorie meets her husband-to-be, marries and together they visit the orphanage where she grew up. View More →

Closing the Door

Be there with Dorie and her daughter on today's Revive Our Hearts as Dorie closes the door on her past. View More →