• 17 March ‘20 – 27 March ‘20

Revive Our HeartsA Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Psalm 46)

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth received an unexpected letter that threw her into a tailspin. She turned to a passage of Scripture that calmed her heart. She’ll share that passage with you and show you how to stabilize your heart when you’re in this kind of situation. Our God surely is a mighty fortress from age to age.

Episodes in this season

Are You in Trouble?

Trouble will always be with us. You’ll never escape it in a fallen world, but there is a refuge you can run to during times of trouble. View More →

The River of God

Here’s one of the most amazing themes throughout Scripture: God dwells among His people. Why is this so amazing? Nancy will explain. View More →

Why Do the Nations Rage?

Does it seem like enemies of the gospel have so much strength that they’re invincible? Nancy will give you some new perspective that will give you hope. View More →

Things That Stop the Heart

Do you ever feel uncomfortable reading stories about the judgment of God? But the desolations God brings upon the earth can actually be a source of comfort. View More →

Be Still!

“Be still and know that I am God” gets said in hushed tones in many churches. But Nancy says that phrase was probably delivered in strong, commanding tones. View More →

In the Midst of the Storm

The Bible tells us that God will be a refuge in times of trouble. Nancy explains how God acts as a refuge, even while allowing the storm to blow around you. View More →