• 3 February ‘12 – 10 February ‘12

Revive Our HeartsLove to Eat, Hate to Eat, with Elyse Fitzpatrick

Food is a major source of frustration and defeat for many Christian women, whether we eat too much or too little. Nancy welcomes author and counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick as they speak candidly about their own struggles with food and strive to help us understand this area from God’s perspective. Through this series, you’ll find hope, encouragement, and practical steps to developing a life that is focused on glorifying God and living free from bondage to food.

Episodes in this season

More Than a Diet

Much of our obsession with diet doesn’t have to do with being healthy, it’s more about following our culture. Get balanced perspective on health and beauty. View More →

Appetites and Answers

On Sunday we can worship by singing. We can also worship by how we respond when the coffee runs out or someone forgets to bring donuts to class. View More →

When Is it Wrong to Eat?

Does this ever happen to you? You start to eat some junk food. Then, since you’ve already blown your goal, you might as well eat everything in sight! View More →

The Thankfulness Diet

Thankfulness might help you be healthier than any diet, supplement, or program. Find out why when Elyse Fitzpatrick discusses approaching food biblically. View More →

Food and Besetting Sin

If you had a daughter struggling with bulimia or anorexia, how could you best help them? We’ll get some wise advice on this serious topic. View More →