• 11 September ‘08 – 17 September ‘08

Revive Our HeartsLife Beyond the Empty Nest, with Barbara Rainey & Susan Yates

As your kids grow up and leave the house, where does that leave you? Nancy welcomes guests Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates to discuss this life transition. They share their personal experiences and those of other women they've encountered to give suggestions on how to survive an empty nest as painlessly as possible. Discover a new purpose and passion for your next life adventure!

Episodes in this season

Navigating New Seasons

Transitions are important. As you face changing seasons in life, learn how to savor the new opportunities and allow God to use you in new ways. View More →

Grace to Grow Up

When you first left home, you still had some growing up to do. So will your kids when they leave home. How do you offer help and guidance? View More →