• 8 September ‘14 – 10 September ‘14

Revive Our HeartsLessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 4): Following God's Lead to Lead

Nancy explores the hand-off of leadership from Moses to this man who wholly followed God even though most around him did not. Nancy challenges us to prepare the next generation and give them a vision for being used by God.

Episodes in this season

Follow Me

The most effective leaders are also the most effective followers. Find out why, when Nancy continues to teach from the life of Joshua. View More →

From a Learner to a Leader

Education is very important, and we want our kids to learn all they can. But at some point, they’ll leave school and use what they’ve learned. View More →

Passing on the Baton

God has given you some type of education, life experience, and expertise. Learn how to pass those gifts on to others who need your input. View More →