• 29 October ‘14 – 12 November ‘14

Revive Our HeartsLessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 12): Leaving a Legacy

Nancy concludes her series on the life of Joshua as she shares lessons we can learn from this humble servant-leader. Throughout his life, Joshua pointed people to the Lord, reminding them of God’s faithfulness and exhorting them to stay faithful to Him. As we study the summary of how this man served God’s purpose in his generation, you’ll be challenged to serve the purpose of God in yours.

Episodes in this season

A Beautiful Inheritance

With stocks tumbling and retirement funds at risk, many who had counted on an inheritance from their parents are wondering what the future holds. View More →

Promoting Peace

Everyone experiences conflict, but only a few learn to become peacemakers. Learn how to promote peace as we look at the biblical example of Joshua. View More →

God Comes First

You probably aren’t tempted to bow down to a god of stone or wood. So how do you apply the Old Testament command to refuse false gods? View More →

As for Me and My House

A lot of people have sung the words to a popular gospel song: "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back. No turning back." View More →

The Lord Is with You

If there’s one biblical message we need to hear in our day, it’s "do not be afraid." It’s a message that comes through clearly in the book of Joshua. View More →