• 19 January ‘22 – 21 January ‘22

Revive Our HeartsLearning to Value Life: Fausto and Laura's Story

Laura Gonzalez wanted to have children, but her husband, Fausto didn’t want to have anything to do with kids. Hear the ups and downs of a couple who had misplaced attitudes about the value of life. And hear how this couple is now spreading a message of life to others.

Episodes in this season

A Significant Decision

The doctor said the child Laura was carrying had the potential to be born with birth defects. Inside, Fausto was relieved and ready to terminate the pregnancy. View More →

A Picture of Redemption

Fausto and Laura chose to terminate a pregnancy. But God has changed their hearts. Now, they’re not only anti-abortion. They are very much pro-life. View More →