• 13 November ‘23 – 24 November ‘23

Revive Our HeartsHis Love Is Forever (Psalm 136)

Do you need to be reminded that God loves you? Over and over in Psalm 136, we’re told of the steadfast love of the Lord. Nancy shows us how that matters to our everyday lives.

Episodes in this season

Why We Give Thanks

There’s a promise in the Bible that affects your perspective on any circumstance in life— no matter how difficult it may seem. View More →

God Preserves His People

When God makes promises, we don’t have to question whether or not He’ll follow through. Nancy takes us back to Psalm 136 to show us His complete faithfulness. View More →

Spiritual Food

Families often thank God before they eat their meals. That can be an effective way to remind ourselves of our dependence on Him. View More →

His Forever Love Applies to Us

What will you be doing the day after Thanksgiving? Shopping? Avoiding the stores at all costs? Nancy and a group of women will be continuing to thank the Lord. View More →