• 25 July ‘03 – 1 August ‘03

Here Comes the Bridegroom

There's a Wedding coming! Nancy explores what it means to be the bride of Christ and how we can cultivate an intimate, love relationship with our Heavenly Bridegroom.

Episodes in this season

A Love Story

Do you long to know God personally? On today's Revive Our Hearts, Nancy talks about the most treasured relationship we can have. View More →


God loves us and He has chosen us. How do you feel about that? Nancy shares the love story from the Song of Solomon. View More →

The Glory of the Groom

This is what one woman told herself about her marriage, "This is the way it is. Live with it the best you can." How did her marriage improve? View More →

The Wedding Dress

Are you keeping your relationship with the Lord healthy? Listen today as Nancy talks about those things that can destroy our intimacy with Christ. View More →

Get Ready

How can we grow in beauty so we are an appropriate Bride for Christ? Nancy challenges us to get ready to meet our Bridegroom. View More →